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Head Content Creator, Partner

Hya AlNobani

Founder of BeABee Community. Specialized in Applied Linguistics and Translation with excellent public speaking and leadership skills. Creating educational content via social media. Specialist in teaching English Language for SL drawing on modern methods and the use of technology.

Hya AlNobani

Head Content Creator, Partner

Hya AlNobani

“They Call Me Busy Bee”

I started my journey as an Applied Linguistics specialist. I dived into English across all of its fields and areas till I reached social and personal skills. I started to integrate English into life, technology, science, and even art. I am specialized in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) added to TTT (Train The Trainer), STEAM education and many other methodologies related to creativity, English, and coaching. 

A bee symbolizes my passionate, hardworking, ambitious personality, and it reflects my real image to people. My character has been linked with the approaches I follow and with the services I provide. My experiences vary among writing, teaching, and coaching through languages. Languages for me are the keys for closed, hidden doors. 

It is time to tell you why I love bees! I am the founder of BeABee Community. A place where I train people to become BEES. I help trainees reach their destinations by immersing languages into their lifestyles. 

Now I am here as head content creator for C-Squad to utilize all of my past experiences in creating interactive, vivid content that aims to show people the real reflection of design thinking, and to spread out that it is not only about your idea, Your guide speaks louder!

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