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What is the "C-Cafe" gathering?

A monthly- casual gathering where ideas flow as freely as the coffee. It's a laid-back affair, where we chat, learn, and connect with experts in AI, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship. Each month brings a fresh vibe, new setups, and exciting speakers. Come sip, share, and get inspired in our comfy coffee circle.
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All about C-CAFE

We believe in curating events that are as vibrant and energizing as the ideas we explore. Each gathering takes place in creative settings, exuding entrepreneurial flair and brimming with joy and enthusiasm.

The name

“Connect over a cup of coffee” C-Cafe reflects our style, passion, and the way we think! It ruminates the core of our company “C-SQUAD” which is growing over creativity, innovation, and design thinking.

For whom?

C-Cafe welcomes everyone! Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, ambitious youth exploring AI and Design Thinking, a professional seeking fresh perspectives, or a business enthusiast intrigued by the latest trends, you'll find a warm and inviting space to connect, grow, and engage.

Past Event Highlight

The previous one highlighted three pillars under the title “Innovation in the Digital Era”

Design Thinking: Creativity & Innovation
Digital Transformation: Big Data, data analytics, Ai and it's applications.