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Alaá Agha Karss

Entrepreneur with a record of success, CEO and founder of "C-SQUAD", international Speaker & trainer with impact.

Ala'a Agha Karss

CEO, Founder

Ala'a Agha Karss

Mrs. Agha Karss is the founder and CEO of "Superiors TechHub," a software development company, and also "C-SQUAD," a design and consultancy company.

She is in charge of embedding the human-centered design methodology into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and business practices of the Middle East in order to foster innovation.
Mrs. Agha Karss has also designed and delivered numerous up - skilling training programs for professionals and youth in the fields of mobile application programming, digital transformation, and design thinking.

Mrs. Agha Karss is also a professional trainer, coach, mentor, and speaker Throughout her academic and professional career, she received numerous national and international awards.
She is an active member of the global BPWA and the co-founder of numerous initiatives aimed at empowering women and young people.

She has been selected to be hosted at Twitter for mentorship during the "TechWomen" program for 5 weeks extensively in the Silicon Valley, California, and she won the program’s action plan competition seed grant with her team (the Jordan team).

Her passion is innovation, and she wants to make her company, "C-SQUAD," the most significant design firm in the Middle East by utilizing innovative, human-centered design to create new products, services, and businesses.

Mrs. Agha Karss graduated from Hashemite University in Jordan with a bachelor's degree in software engineering.
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Alaá telling her story

My Story with “Design Thinking”

Why do I start with Design Thinking? Design Thinking helps me create actionable goals and make meaningful resolutions.

I am a "Designer"

I was a mentee at the San Francisco headquarters of Twitter, and my mentor suggested that I attend a workshop on "Design Thinking" at Stanford University's Design School (D-School).
I've had conversations with leaders in Silicon Valley on the importance of the impacts of design thinking on our business world. They encourage me to enroll in the training programs available by IDEO, the largest and best institution in Silicon Valley for such field. I began practicing from them and working with them on projects online in 2017, and as of present now, I have a number of certifications verifying that I am a "Creative Designer" by IDEO.

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